My first good news to share!

My first good news to share!My first good news to share!
cinekzetmer asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone,


A couple months ago I was obsessing over my scores and kicking myself daily for having some of the lowest scores I had seen, even on this forum. So I got a car loan, a Fingerhut account, and a secured card and was still hardly seeing any improvement. Well, finally those 3 lines of credit combined with my mom adding me on as an AU for $ 4500 in limits, and I am officially up almost 100 points from May! Not to mention, tonight on a random whim, I was shopping on Victoria’s and was pre-approved for a $ 250 limit — not even intending to pull a SCT. There are still plenty of baddies on my reports but I am so happy to officially have my first unsecured line of credit, even if it is just a store card! I just wanted to share these little victories with you guys and hope to continue improving and learning from this forum and thank you all for your support.



565EQ 563TU 564EX

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