My Credit One CO gone…via GW letter!

My Credit One CO gone…via GW letter!My Credit One CO gone…via GW letter!
NeldaFer asked 4 years ago

My wife had some success with this so I tried it….happy to report my GW letter to Credit One Bank worked!  


For history, We each had Credit One credit cards with $ 500 limits that went bad a few years ago. Eventually with all the fees we owed about $ 800 on each of our cards. We each just paid the collection agencies what they were asking.  We knew nothing about PFD back then. 


I emailed the ceo around Dec 5 or so, got email response that they will respond in writing, not by email – they responded around Dec 7.  Just got letter in the mail dated Dec 30 that they reviewed my issue and they “initiated the process of removing the Credit One tradeline from your credit history”.  Whoa, I am so stoked.  I had paid the CA long before I ever heard of this myfico site or PFD. I let Credit One Bank know in my email I paid the CA without understanding I could or should have paid them….but would they please delete. This is awesome to get a charge off deleted from my reports!


I checked my CK and this is not off my reports yet but I bet it will be soon. They removed from my wife’s reports within a  week or so.


Thanks to all you on this forum who have shared your tips and tricks!



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