Mortgage Scores…. Need Advice Pls

Mortgage Scores…. Need Advice PlsMortgage Scores…. Need Advice Pls
NetMiner007 asked 5 years ago

Hey Myfico, I was looking at my scores and I saw my mortgage scores are very low. My current Fico 8 scores are Eq 657 Tu 695 Ex 644 but my mortage scores are Eq fico 5-650,Tu fico 4-624 and Ex fico 2-499…. why? and how do I get those scores up? I want to buy a house next year or so.


I only have a few cards reporting with low limits that’s in my sig but I’ve also had about 5 auto loan with perfect history and 2 personal with perfect history, all paid off except my Bmw lease which I have another year with. (Discover card for $ 1400 not reporting yet)


I’m not gonna say I’ve been good all the way because I do have a few lates on my cap one card… last late was 7 months ago.

Are there any cards I would qualify for now with my TU score? I have one baddie that’s a 600 charge off but paid.

Help me please!!

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