Mortgage Loan Possible? 602Equ/564Trans/567Exp

Mortgage Loan Possible? 602Equ/564Trans/567ExpMortgage Loan Possible? 602Equ/564Trans/567Exp
Melvinmon asked 5 years ago

Hi, I have a question. I am wanting to buy a home and my income is 130k a year, My fico scores are 602/564/567. I went through a divorce 2 years ago and my credit was ruined. I have negative items listed such as 120 days late on mortgage (since paid off and closed 2 years ago), 3 reposessions, and 3 other credit accounts that went to collections. Very dismal looking I admit. I make a pretty good salary and have virtually no bills at the moment. My new wifes score is around 700 in all areas but she does not work. I have 2 years of steady emplyment but changed employers 1 year ago. What are my chances of getting approved for a mortgage in Texas based on this information? And who should I contact?

100% proof the mortgage is paid so why did you let them forclose?

richard greene replied 5 years ago

Are you saying that if I go to the county court real estate records for my
property that I will find a release or satisfaction of mortgage? I know
that when I search the records online, nothing shows up for a release or
satisfaction. And, the lender in my case went out of business in 2006. So
who would I go to to get the release or satisfaction when it is not in the
county records? Thanks, Tru..

Charles Cotton replied 5 years ago

Can. U do with Commercial Property 

Miss Allen replied 5 years ago

Thank you so much for continuing to push through all these negative
comments, and accusations by many to bring people who seek remedy some
guidance and hope. You are doing the Youtube community a lot of good. Don’t
listen to all these shills and trolls who HATE people find out the truth!
Stop giving these “Energy Vampires” one oz of your precious time :)

mike matthews replied 5 years ago

Love the new look fam 317 all day. For the people 

cardin1013 replied 5 years ago

This may be a stupid question but is the “release of mortgage” included in
the mortgage agreement?

jay strong replied 5 years ago

Pretty sure those “secretary” names are on the robo signer list along with
the Notary. I did the same thing for my brother and he never followed
through with the information! These people are getting away with fraud!
Well, they are getting away with it when it comes to people that WON’T hold
them accountable. It’s sad they when you lay it out for people and they
still won’t get off their ass and go to war for their homes. I highly
recommend this book: Overcoming Foreclosure by Norman L. Sirak, takes you
step by step through the procedure you can use to get all your evidence in
order to fight these criminals.

Jaw Dropping News replied 5 years ago

Sounds good but where’s the service to back this claim? Are you helping
people with their homes? I want to download and spread this message but
where’s the “proof” that this works? The people offer what ever they can
give especially to keep their homes. I see alot of youtube guys talking
without offering services to help the people. All of them always say
something about not practicing law or want to be held liable. Why? Where
your phone number to reach you? Your message is strong but your set up to
help the people that can’t help themselves is terrible. It’s a great
defensive tactic for argument but the people that need additional help
presenting their case is left high and dry huh.

mayson-El i am replied 5 years ago

tru freeman how can i link up with u i am also located in indiana territory

Lar Mayotte replied 5 years ago

Freeman… just goes to show you the old saying is true “you can leed a
horse to water but you can’t make him drink”…..I guee the same is true
with “horse’s ass’s” aye!

The Truth Revealed replied 5 years ago

My question is if MERS records a discharge of mortgage but the real party
is the securitized trust, and there is two copies of the note, one with a
endorsement, one without, the note is not marked as paid, is it better to
do a quiet title or cancellation of instruments? I ask because the lien
will still be on the property. what would be the proper remedy?

juan jose replied 5 years ago

thank you Brother!!

Brett J replied 5 years ago

The ones I see while doing Environmental assessments on properties normally
do not state the amount of the loan, only when the mortgage paper is filed
is an amount stated.

M Podemski replied 5 years ago

This is an EXCELLENT video exposing articulation in practice. Thank you

Jaw Dropping News replied 5 years ago

What I was told is the bank release the mortgage to the bank that bought it
probably for pennies on the dollar. If a person isn’t in foreclosure how
would they present this claim and retain a free and clear title of deed?

miguel thecreditor replied 5 years ago

I have all my loan docs from my refi I did back in ’06 I will look to see
if this is in there but it sounds like I need to go and get a property
profile and look for this document, I too am in Cali

cdimmm replied 5 years ago

anyone who does a refinance and uses a different lender will get that exact
same document from the previous lender that they have been satisfied.

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