Mortgage brokers in Northern Virginia

Mortgage brokers in Northern VirginiaMortgage brokers in Northern Virginia
MangosteenMew asked 4 years ago

Any recommendations on Mortgage brokers in Northern Virginia?  First time home buyer here.  Also here are my stats, wondering what kind of options/limits I’m looking at:


Salary $ 84,048/yr  ( recently was added to a bonus program that could add another 10%, but I haven’t seen any of that cash yet)
I’ve been with my company for 12 years.
Credit is good, I have two credit cards that say my fico score is 800+.  Haven’t pulled my wife’s recently but I know it is good as well.
Car loan:  $ 380/mo
Student loan:  $ 235/mo
401K loan:140/mo (this only runs another 9 mos, I could pay off if needed)
No credit card debt
I don’t have a lot of cash reserves, have about $ 10K available.  I’d like to preserve as much of that as possible.
also a few questions:
-I saw where the VHDA has a program to grant 3% down payment assistance to buyer while their funds last.  Would like someone who can support.
-I’d like to roll as much closing cost into the mortgage as possible, what products can support that?
-What size mortgage would we qualify for?

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