Mortgage Broker Recommendations – FL

Mortgage Broker Recommendations – FLMortgage Broker Recommendations – FL
LashesProDags asked 5 years ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for a broker, banker, favorite LO in central Florida?  My CU will only do 4+ years out of BK so they are a no go.  They are referring me to someone else they work with for circumstances like mine, so I have no idea if that will even work out.


I need someone patient with first time buyers, is great dealing with those that have a recent (2 years) bankruptcy on the reports, FHA knowledgable, super patient and totally won’t freak out on me about my boatload of recent inquiries.


My mortgage middle score as of 10/24 was a 681 – I have never defaulted on a mortgage, my credit report shows one mortgage opened in 2006 with perfect on-time payments and paid off in 2013.


Thanks in advance for any help you might have!!!!

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