Mortgage advice/questions! FHA loan Closing in July

Mortgage advice/questions! FHA loan Closing in JulyMortgage advice/questions! FHA loan Closing in July
Yaltahelp asked 5 years ago

So I wanted to take to these forums for any advice or insight on a situation I was made aware of.  We just had our offer accepted  on a home yesterday.


Loan terms: FHA 30 yr fixed 335k @3.25 interest rate(not points) & 3.5% downpayment. Closing in 60 days.


When the lender pulled our credit report he noticed i was showingThere is a collection from Verizon for you of $ 709.00. This is only being reported by Experian”


Verizon is saying that when I canceled my tv package  when I sold my house that there was a balance left over because of it being slightly before the 2year contract period ended. (My cell and tv were bundled) This remaning balance did not transfer over with my cell phone that I have been up to date on. They are saying the bill was mailed to me. Now I sent in my change of address request and was unaware of any bill of the sort.  I told them I didnt mind paying t he balance and would have if i known but they still wont give me a  Delete on pay so it will show up on my credit no matter what. I plan on paying monday.


will this prevent me from getting the loan?



Any info would be much appreciated!


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