Mortage loan Shopping

Mortage loan ShoppingMortage loan Shopping
eeyowidoego asked 3 years ago

Hi ,

My goal is to take a mortage loan at the very best interest rate .

In order to do that I must talk with different lenders . Let’s just say I’m a very savy person and I really want to see a decent number of offers : 10 .

Every time I talk with a lender they give me a offer  .

BoA says : Hey!  We could give you 3.5 APR for 30 years for the type of loan you want .

Citigroup : Hey!  We could give you 3.35 APR for 30 years for the type of loan you want .


I really don’t want theese offers to result in hard pull of my credit file . Is this possible to achieve ?

I mean after I found a good offer I’m going to apply “for real” for a loan which will result in a single hard pull which is correct I guess .

Is there any know path or some kind of  “official words” to instruct the lender to not do a hard pull on your credit file just for the purpose of giving you a quote ?

Something like : Hey Lender ! I want a quote for a loan but I only authorise you to do a soft pull on my file !


I imagine that if I continue to look for the best offer for a while all theese hard pulls will be very damaging to my credit score .


Same thing for a car loan , not necessary mortage loan .


Please share the best practices/strategies in this scenario .


Thank you,




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