Missing account number on CR, Cap1 has no record

Missing account number on CR, Cap1 has no recordMissing account number on CR, Cap1 has no record
exejoir asked 4 years ago

Hi all,

Quick question for everyone:


I had a charge off from capital one in about 2010 which was closed and sold to portfolio recovery associates and recently paid off.


I am wondering, does an account number of ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ on a credit report mean something specific? It used to feature the last four digits of the card, but has recently been changed to only reflect all X’s on all three bureaus. Of course, Cap1 says they cannot locate information on the card, and basically gives me the run-around with multiple 800 numbers to call. Does a missing account number/written confirmation from capone(within chat support) saying they don’t have a record of the account/can’t find it constitute a legitimate reason to dispute it? It is set to fall off my reports in 2017, and I am trying my best to get it off before then. Does anyone here have experience with a completely missing account number on their credit reports? Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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