Mint Mistake?

Mint Mistake?Mint Mistake?
vartistchichtahi asked 5 years ago

My FAKO score updated today with I was expecting it to report $ 301 balance on my cards (approximately 1% utilization) and I added my new Sallie Mae account to it prior to the update, so it would reflect my total available limit. Instead of reporting $ 301, it is reporting $ 1,200. The only thing I can think is that it is reporting the large purchase my husband recently made from the card I am an AU on. I don’t have that card linked with because it is a card I don’t ever use so I am not sure how it reports it. I guess I am just confused because when I look at the credit card summary, it shows only $ 301, but the credit score summary shows more thant that. It would make sense because the total available credit limit reporting does seem to include the card he used for that purchase that I am an AU on, however, I am an AU on two of his cards and it is not reporting the other card. Hopefully this makes sense to someone and they can possibly explain it to me, as I’m just a little confused. I checked all my cards to make sure there were no mistakes or fraudulent charges and everything looks fine. And it would make sense for it to be around $ 1,200 based off my cards plus his card but like I mentioned, I am an AU on two of his accounts and it is only reporting one of them.


We pay off our cards each month so the balance I am not concerned about, I am just annoyed it is reporting more than what I was expecting and it won’t update again for 3 months lol


The other thing is although it is reporting my new CL with Sallie Mae, it is not reporting the inquiry (on Mint). Why would that be?


I am not concerned about the score itself as I understand it is a fake score and it is still reporting lower than what my Barclaycard FICO shows. Plus, next week I should also be able to check my score with my Slate card as well. Any insight on this would be appreciated!

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