Middle of Mortgage process with a Job Change – Any Advice/options?

Middle of Mortgage process with a Job Change – Any Advice/options?Middle of Mortgage process with a Job Change – Any Advice/options?
ivusanaxo asked 5 years ago

Hello All!


I am in the middle of the mortgage process. I have gotten the conditional approval on the mortgage from the underwriter, FirstCal is the lender. The first condition is that I must have 30 days of pay stubs from the new job that I start on Monday (4/27). I know that changing jobs at this point isn’t ideal but I couldn’t control when opportunity knocked. I gave my 30 day notice to my current employer and tomorrow is the last day at that office. I have been in the same field for over 15 years, this is a promotion that I couldn’t say no to.


My question is is there any way I could convince  the lender to go ahead and give me the clear to close before the 30 days is up at the new job?


I only ask because my LO sort of mentioned trying to do this but she wasn’t sure if there was a possibility.


Any help is greatly appreciated as my fiance and I will be in my parents camper trailer until we close as we close on the sale of our current home on the 30th!





Mortgage Basics – What is a Mortgage?

Zhu Fan replied 5 years ago

great explanation. simple, succinct, and clear :)

Khan Samad replied 5 years ago

Good one, very nice and simple explanation…

calgarymortgagebrkr replied 5 years ago

Good video on the basic fundamentals of mortgages, well done!

richayre1 replied 5 years ago

Thank you!

Patrick Ha replied 5 years ago

ahh now mortgage makes sense. THANKS

Nikky Shah replied 5 years ago

Thank you so much

InstTaxSolutionsLLC replied 5 years ago

Sometimes even to someone who has been through the mortgage process might
still have difficulty in understanding how a mortgage works. Having a video
explanation can certainly help.

Grazyah Ecat replied 5 years ago

thanks!!! helped me to understand the mortgage thing.. whew!

Cris vegas replied 5 years ago


Theonegamefreak replied 5 years ago

Byron the buyer, heh.

mortgageratestexas replied 5 years ago

Thank you so much for uploading this video! Mortgage is one of the biggest
problems faced today in this economic meltdown.

jitsualan replied 5 years ago

Thanks for the video!!!

Sari R. replied 5 years ago

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