Medical Services Received, But No Invoice

Medical Services Received, But No InvoiceMedical Services Received, But No Invoice
Mjuterbof asked 5 years ago

I had an office visit with my physician here in Ohio back on January 9th, 2015. To date, I have not received a bill for these services, even though my insurer received one about three days after the visit. I have requested a written invoice on several occasions to no avail. I have disputed the services with my insurer because I believe they were excessive and wrongly submitted. Regardless of how they were billed I am willing to pay them as long as the physician presents me with a demand for payment.

Does a creditor have an obligation to issue an invoice for services rendered? Likewise, can an account be turned over for collection without evidence of such an invoice? I am unable to find any guidance in the Uniform Commercial Code or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act on this topic. Any positive input is greatly appreciated.

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