Medical Bills/Insurance and Collections

Medical Bills/Insurance and CollectionsMedical Bills/Insurance and Collections
subzopokatuff asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone and thank you for any and all being given!


In 2009, I was out of state (NC) during which time I had numerous hospital visits via ambulance (uncontrolled epilepsy) thankfully I was insured, both hospital and ambulance were given my insurance card and info. After a few months we decided we were going to stay and move everything from NJ, not once did I ever receive a bill for anything. Fastforward 5 years, I pulled all of my CR’s, when I decided to get serious about my credit and score, and what I found were 9 collection accounts from the ambulance company, again never did I receive a bill from them and I’m sure by the time it went to collections I was already in the new house. I sent a DV letter and they sent back a computer generated “itemized” print out or at least that is what they are calling it. I called the insuance company that I was insured by at the time to see about getting some kind of proof of insurance for that time and they told a claim had never been submitted by the ambulance company, on the days of service only the hospital submitted a claim and all of the hospital bills were paid for.


Now for the question (sorry for the long drawn out story), how long does a company have to submit a claim for payment? I was hoping I could ask the OC to recall the accounts and have the OC submit the claim, but if the time limit has expired, is there anything I can do about having the accounts removed from my CR, seeings how they never submitted a claim? I really don’t want to wait for them to fall off, it still another 2 yrs before the last one will fall off. And, I certainly do not want to pay them, considering I was insured.


I’m really at a loss right now as to what to do, 9 collections is a lot and have really impacted my score.


Thanks for taking a look!


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