Medical Bill.. Please Help

Medical Bill.. Please HelpMedical Bill.. Please Help
KiffEmpappy asked 5 years ago

I am going to try and explain this the best that I can.


Okay so in 2011, i got into a motorcycle accident in which i was hospitalized for about 4 hours. about a month after the accident, i moved out of my apartment, back to my sister’s house.


I never received the bill for that time i spent in the hospital. (although i was very aware that i should receive one, the point is that i never did.)


In 2012 i moved to California and got an apartment here. about a year later, i get a bill from a collections agency saying that i owe $ 1000, but they are willing to settle for $ 250. i put the letter off to the side and completely forgot about it until recently finding it again.. Now i’m looking at my updated credit reports and i see the $ 1000 debt from the original Medical Center, but the agency that sent me the bill is not on my credit reports at all. I’ve checked all 3 bureaus and that agency is not on any of them.


I do not want that $ 1000 negative remark on my credit report any more since i am in the stage of rebuilding. Do i contact the original creditor to work this out or do i contact the agency that sent me the bill? Can i dispute the original creditor since i never got the bill from them? What should I do??


This is the only collection that i have on my credit reports and it its making a huge impact on my credit.


myFICO: EQ 663 TU 650 EX 700



Thanks a lot in advance.


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