Marriott Fraud.

Marriott Fraud.Marriott Fraud.
SamanthaInila asked 4 years ago

  Received email today stating that I had changed my password on well I haven’t.  After contacting tech-support getting my password reset I noticed that somebody had used 70,000 of my Marriott reward points.  Immediately got back on the phone with Marriott rewards customer service I had to fill out an affidavit  explaining to them that I had not used any of my points and I do not know what this transaction is.   Less than four hours my points had been credited back to me  with no explanation at all but I did receive them back. 



 TypeDescription Points Earned: Actions
05/03/16 Bonus BONUS CODE FOR CHARGING FRAUD 70,000 points
05/03/16 Reward The date of your last qualifying activity was 04/14/16. 2527 Product, Travel, or Service Awards
05/03/16, Ordered -70,000 Reward
-70,000 points Ordered   

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