Managing cards to ensure monthly zero balances

Managing cards to ensure monthly zero balancesManaging cards to ensure monthly zero balances
richeventyar asked 5 years ago

As I’m rebuilding my credit I’ve picked up 5 credit cards. I am determined never to let them (except for one at less than 10%) to report a balance.


But I’ve struggled personally to remember what I can use and when to make sure I have time to pay it off before the statement cuts. They all cut at random different times.


So, it’s silly, but it helps me… and may help someone else… I came up with this idea. I took the date that each one cuts and then counted back 7 days. For example, if it cuts on the 20th, I’ve counted back to the 13th. 7 days would allow enough time for a charge to post and enough time for me to make a payment to post against the charges for the month.


So, using that example on the back of each of my cards in the signature area I wrote the “do not use dates”… ie: I wrote “13-20”. So I know do not touch that card between those days in the month. AND, just to make sure I don’t accidentally pull it out during those days, I file the card in a completely different part of the wallet during that window.


Silly, I know. But I’ve stopped using my debit card and I’m charging about 5-7k a month so this has helped me big time in making sure that I always have a zero balance reporting.


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