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Williekek asked 4 years ago

I’ve been slowly rebuilding over the past few years from prior credit problems. At the moment, all my old cards/collection accounts have either fallen off my report or been paid in full and showing a $ 0 balance on my credit report, except for a First Premier chargeoff 3 years ago with a balance of a few hundred dollars.

I currently have a few low-limit cards from the rebuilder issuers, a few Comenity store cards, an installment loan, a Target card, 2 cards from Cap One and 1 partially secured card from Bank of America, most with limits of a few hundred dollars and all with perfect payment records.

Eventually I would like to close the rebuilder cards and concentrate on the cards from BoA and Cap One, where I also have deposit accounts.

I recently tried, at the 12- month mark, to get the BoA card unsecured, but they refused.

The 2 Cap One cards were issued in late ’14 and early ’15 as part of their credit steps program, and each had a credit limit increase after 5 months from $ 500 to $ 750. I tried on one of them 6 months after that for another increase, but was turned down. To my great surprise, Cap One upped the limit on 1 of them this week from $ 750 to $ 3750, with no request from me and several days before this month’s due date.

Any recommendations on some next steps? Should I bother with the First Premier chargeoff or let it age off? My score is still stuck around 630 (Vantage) or 590 (Fico prior version).

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