Making progress!

Making progress!Making progress!
exejoir asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone, Just wanted to say I have been stalking the boards for some time, thinking maybe one day my credit would magically come together. I have a Chpt 7 BK discharged in April of 2013 but after that I got cancer and ended up being late on my car note and some student loans, bummer!

I started rebuilding January of 2015 with a score of 499. I rehabilitated my car loan, and began making all the payments on time, I also have 65k in student loan debt that I never missed a payment on, it was a measly $ 40 payment that I let slip out of my mind while sick.


By August of 2015, I was able to get a $ 250 Victoria Secret card and a $ 300 total visa. Not the best limits, and certainly not the best cards, but I had to start somewhere.

Fast forward to today, my last scores were Experian 611, Equifax 620, and Transunion 584. I wrote a good will letter to my school, who houses the student loan, and they wrote me back saying they would remove 7 of the goodwill payments!! I would have never even considered this if it weren’t for this board.

I also had a pest control company go into collection for $ 220, which I offered a PFD on. They agreed, I paid right away, and I am waiting for that to be removed from my Transunion. There is one other collection that should also be removed from my Transunion as the debt was settled long before it went to collection. I am waiting for the disbute results.


My Experian is at a 620 now, but I have not re-checked the others. Yesterday I was approved for a $ 1600 Discover it card, $ 500 Barclays rewards card, a $ 500 Capital One Quicksilver, and a $ 400 Credit One.


I have been seriously contemplating cancelling the credit one card. It is my only new card with an annual fee and from what I have read it isn’t a very good card. I applied for it first as I didn’t think I would be approved for anything else, but I was itching to see, and it worked out for me.


I was declined for a Citi thank you, I am thinking I will retry Citi in a year or so, as I plan on staying in the Garden until December at the minimum!


For the Barlcays card, I was originally declined but called the recon line. I told her the truth, and basically that I am on the path towards rebuilding and have demonstrated perfect payments since recovering from being ill. I told her even a small line would be fine. She came back with a $ 500 approval. While small, I am so excited. I have been reading about how to get a CLI. I think I may pay my car note with one of the cards, and then pay it right off for a few months. Maybe this will work?


Victoria Secret also upped my limit by $ 400 to $ 650 after using their CLI increase button Smiley Happy


I am happy to be making progress! Thanks everyone for the great advice!


Time to go to the garden!

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