Making my first dispute, need advice.

Making my first dispute, need advice.Making my first dispute, need advice.
fashion asked 4 years ago

I am finally ready to make my first dispute on my credit report and need some advice.


I have a trade line for my old electric company (united illuminating) reporting 1) an open account that was closed on June 1st since I moved out of state, 2) a balance of $ 131’when in actuality that was the amount I overpaid that they reimbursed me (my account is at $ 0), and 3) 120 day late in March, 2015 which I was notified of in April when I was called (I thought I was on automatic payment, I immediately paid in full as soon as I was notified, and I immediately put the account on automatic payment). I just called the company  customer service saying they no longer report to the credit bureau after an account closed so that’s why the account not updating. States there is nothing she can do about it because according to them the account has $ 0 balance and is closed.


My question: should I dispute directly to the company or the credit bureau? How do I approach the 120 day late payment? Can I dispute that as well or should that be a separate goodwill letter? This late payment is so frustrating to me because I have everything on automatic payment so I am not late and this is my only late payment in the last 2 years since I’ve been obsessive about cleaning up my credit.


thanks for your advice.

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