Mail from AmEx about Costco TE Card

Mail from AmEx about Costco TE CardMail from AmEx about Costco TE Card
subzopokatuff asked 5 years ago

So I just got this from the mail today.



So basically from this letter, it looks like they are not offering us TE Card holders any replacement. So I decided to give them a call (the number in the letter) and ask all the questions that bother me. (I made two calls to make sure I get the most information from different AmEx Card Specialists). Below are what I gathered from these two calls:


Call 1

  • Continue monitoring the post for mails from American Express because there will be more coming.
  • Existing Costco TE Card members will be offered a replacement card and all the account information will be retained/grandfathered. 

Call 2

  • In December/January a new “Big Product” will be unveiled which is touted to be replacement for existing TE card holders.
  • Existing Costco TE card holders are not gonna be let go.
  • The replacement card will grandfather the account info from the Costco TE Card.
  • Only the account number and the plastic will be changed. But all other including account age and history shall be retained.
  • Not a new application. (THIS ONE I RE-ITERATED MORE THAN ONCE)
  • TE Cards cannot be changed right now because it is a Partnership Card. (I tried to ask If I can change it to Plenti now)
  • “We don’t want to let go of even one of our card members.”
  • Still accepting applications for Costco because they will be converted to new product after post-December.

Okay so you guys be the judge on what I got from their team and you can also try calling them. But from the looks of it, us TE card holders should not be worried because they are preparing to launch a new product to replace the Costco TE Card. Anyway, I shall keep checking my mails for anything that comes up from AmEx! I love AmEx and I really don’t want to lose my only AmEx card!



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