Magazine Scam Frustration

Magazine Scam FrustrationMagazine Scam Frustration
Michaelrib asked 4 years ago

Several years ago, I agreed to a magazine subscription service by the name of North America’s Reader’s Choice over the phone. I thought I could get out of it after an introductory period (like with really anything else offered by a telemarketer) and found out that this was not the case. They basically told me I was stuck paying around $ 50 a month for several years because of that one phone conversation. It was recorded btw. Back then, I was a broke college student and was stressed at the thought of adding this money to my already small budget. After a few months of not voluntarily making the payments, I discovered that they’d simply used my BOA debit card that they had on file. I WAS PISSED!!! So I closed my accont with BOA. I began to receive calls from the company and eventually agreed to settle the account. By this time, I had graduated but was still on a small budget. That, coupled with my feeling of being taken advantage of,really upset me, and I wanted all of this to be over and to not ruin my credit. I finally made my last payment to them (after thinking that I’d made a payment to them before, so this was my SECOND last payment Smiley Mad) and was told that I would be receiving something from them saying that I was done dealing with them. That never came, and I let it go. That was maybe 2 years ago, and I’ve been receiving calls from a magazine service lately and finally answered the phone today. I was talking to the third person about my subscriptions when I realized that these weren’t the magazines that I recently subscribed to (through a legit source) but the company that screwed me over last time! The rep told me that I’d paid the company off for only 2 years and still had 30 more payments of $ 59.90 to make. WHAT?! This was after she’d taken off 6 months and helped me avoid having my contract automatically renewed for 5 more years. So sweet. Smiley Frustrated Afraid that if I didn’t give them my card info this would be reported to the CRAs, I went along and gave it to them. Thankfully, this time I gave them a CC so I can dispute the charge while I do more research on this company. I googled them and see that many people have had negative experience with NARC and consider it a scam. I plan to file a complaint with the BBB and am hoping to not have to give them any of my money. Is there anything I can do, or do I just have to suck it up and pay? I already have 1 baddie on my report that’s scheduled to fall off in 2018 and would rather not get another. My EX and TU scores are in the 650s but should increase somewhat because of a CC that’s going to report soon (10k cl with 0% util). Also, this isn’t showing up on my credit reports at all, so I’m wondering what steps they’d take if I decided to not pay. Another thing is that I never received magazines from them, so I feel like that woud strengthen a complaint.

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