Macy’s Store and Macy’s Amex Account HOLD

Macy’s Store and Macy’s Amex Account HOLDMacy’s Store and Macy’s Amex Account HOLD
AngeloHix asked 5 years ago

Have not used the card at all… Have not moved in over a year… I log in and see “There is a problem with your account, please call us to make sure future charges are not declined”

I first sent a secure message saying, what seems to be the problem, both accounts are zero balances and no charges have been made or attempted to be made… I got an almost auto response back NEARLY A MONTH later today saying please call customer service if you have any issues… Clearly that person should keep their job for reading the question!

I called and stated to first rep that I had an alert online when I sign in to call in about security issues on the account.

She didn’t get it the first time, I repeated and then she said please hold while I transfer you to “Online Technical Support”

I said… WAIT, did you say tech support? Why would tech support have anything to do with security issues?

She said, oh, sorry, maybe I misunderstood you, what did you say you couldn’t do?

I said (for the 3rd time) I have no issues doing anything, when I log in, I have an alert saying you need to speak to me about FRAUD for some reason… if you do not see it on your end I will ignore it, as I don’t care and don’t have the time!

She puts me on hold for 15 minutes… now I’m fuming!

comes back and says I have someone from fraud department that needs to talk to primary card member (it’s a joint account) to answer public records.

I said no, transfer me I can answer them,

She warned me that if I failed the account will remain locked until primary calls in… I said that is fine.

He comes on the phone and doesn’t ask public record questions at all, he asks for phone number, DOB, and last 4 of social

Says you passed, and I can remove the hold.

I said great, but we are 21 minutes into this call, we have not moved, we have not made account changes, and we have not made purchases on either line, WHAT caused this to go to fraud to begin with?!

He said it could be anything, charges, something on the card.

I said, but there have been none!

he said yes that is true

I said so again I ask, Why did the account go to fraud lock if no charges were attempted, or made, or changes had been made, did I breath in the wrong direction?

He said I’m sorry, it could be anything, but I have removed it now.


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