Luv from Capital One

Luv from Capital OneLuv from Capital One
SamanthaInila asked 4 years ago

Finally! I got some love. I have been with Capital One for about a year and a half starting with their secured card. I closed finally after getting approved for a credit steps journey card 2 and half months ago. I then PC’d the journey card to a quicksilver about 1 month ago after learning that a student card isn’t reccomended to have on your credit report due to other credit lenders drawing conclusions. They agreed to PC. I have hit the luv button a couple times. My utilization is at 40%, my EX score is 663 and my EQ is 600( waiting for a couple of baddies to be erased). They doubled my limit from $ 2000 to $ 4000!!!
First time I have gotten any love from ANY button, lol!!
On top of closing my secured card with capital One, I also finally closed first premier.
I now have the following:
Capital One Quicksilver $ 4000
US Bank REI $ 1000
Capital One GMC $ 300
Discover Secured $ 200 (had to get in with them somehow)
I also have about $ 7000 in store and gas cards from Comenity and Snchrony.
I’ve made building my credit a hobby😂😅
Just wanted to share my fist CLI success story!

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