Luv button cli’s was not expecting anything

Luv button cli’s was not expecting anythingLuv button cli’s was not expecting anything
eeyowidoego asked 5 years ago

I am new here and have been repairing my credit since 2013 after a very bad accident at work in 2007. On my journey I have have managed to pick up 2 Capitol one Quicksilver One cards, one I got July 2014 $ 300 CL and the other Jan 2015 $ 500 CL also picked up the Walmart store card Jan 2015 $ 200 CL.


So after all the reading I got up the courage to hit the Luv Buttons and was very surprised,



Walmart Luv button said my account was not eligable to use the button so I called and asked for $ 800 and the guy said done,


Cap One Quicksilver one   July 2014 card old CL  $ 300   new CL $ 1300   Increase $ 1000

Cap One Quicksilver one   Jan 2015 card  old CL  $ 500   new CL $ 1500   Increase $ 1500


Walmart                                  Jan 2015 Old CL  $ 200  new CL $ 1000  Increase $ 800



I am really liking the way this year is starting out and a big thanks to this Forum, wish I would have found this forum earlier.





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