Lowes Late Payment Waived

Lowes Late Payment WaivedLowes Late Payment Waived
Josephsit asked 4 years ago

Hello.  Just want to share my recent experience with my Lowe’s credit card.  My bill is due on the 2nd of every month.  I usually PIF, but I purchased a little more during Christmas using a no interest promo.  When my due date arrived, I totally forgot to pay(which never happens–except this time lol).  Anyway,  I was charged the $ 25 late fee. I was also worried that it would report as a late payment on my credit report.   So the next day I paid half of the total balance due and sent an email explaining to Lowe’s that I forgot and that it was an honest oversight on my part. I also signed up for auto payments so it won’t happen again. Just received an email this morning stating that the late fee will be waived and that they appreciate me as a customer!  I love great customer service!

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