Looking to Purchase a Home Next Year

Looking to Purchase a Home Next YearLooking to Purchase a Home Next Year
MichaelApash asked 5 years ago



My name is James and I am looking to purchase a home sometime early 2016 with my girlfriend.  I currently have a low credit score of 582.  I have my 3-Bureau Credit Report, but I am not an expert at looking at it.  I made some mistakes 9 -10 years ago with my money and got myself into debt.  This is what affected my credit score.  I want to turn this around and be able to buy a house.  I just don’t know how to.


I currently have $ 3,500.00, but plan to have $ 15,000 saved by 2016.  I have a stable job that I have been at for 6 years and I can provide proof of that.  I make $ 45,000 / year.  My girlfriend makes $ 35,000 / year.   I am looking to purchase a home in the range of $ 130,000 – $ 160,000.


Can anyone help me by looking at my 3 Bureau Credit Report and point me in the right direction?  Do I need to improve my credit score before purchasing a home next year?  Can I consolidate the debt and turn it into one payment?  Should I get a credit card?  I don’t know what to do, as I have never purchased a home before.


Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



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