Looking to buy a home in 6 months

Looking to buy a home in 6 monthsLooking to buy a home in 6 months
Terrylen asked 4 years ago

Hi guys


New to the forum and looking for some help on getting my credit score at 700+.


Came across this place probably a little bit late, considering that already made some moves in the past month, that might not have been the best ones.


I’ll give you an idea of where things are at this point.


credit karma score


transunion at 697

equifax at 688


myFico score as of right now (not sure of what it was in the past)


Equifax Fico 8 – 632 | Fico 5 – 634

Transunion Fico 8 – 641 | Fico 4 – 650

Experian Fico 8 – 629  | Fico 2 – 621


Old credit cards


2012 Credit One $ 800

2012 Capital one $ 1200

2011 Secured US bank credit card $ 500 (not much use there)


closed Old navy – good payments

closed Victoria secret – some late payments (some stupid mistake)

closed secured capital one credit card



2009 Bank of America credit card that was defaulted in that period


Picked up by Midland and paid off the collection.


denied for chase freedom and a amex from costco


fair number of hard inquiries from the auto finance loan as well


No opened collections at this point


Cards added this past month


Capital one Quicksilver $ 2000

Capital one Venture $ 5000

Amex Delta $ 1400

Us bank business Plex Travel $ 3000


A business credit line that should be confirmed in the next day or so


Financed auto for $ 51k


I can keep most balances at close to 0, but would like to use them for daily purchases for the rewards. Can pay them anytime.


Also got a membership with lexington law to remove some accounts.


Can pay on the auto finance more out from the balance 20 – 30k.


How do you guys advice me to take it from here?


I understand I might have messed up by adding too many accounts recently

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