Looking for CC Advice Post Chp7

Looking for CC Advice Post Chp7Looking for CC Advice Post Chp7
TeletraderuSax asked 5 years ago

Good evening,


Here is my situation.  I am post chp7 as of January of this year.  I’ve begun to rebuild credit and it’s working quit nicely.  Currently I have 2 QS1 cards ($ 300 & $ 500), a NFCU secured card ($ 500) and I rediculous CC called TOTAL for $ 300.  I really want to get rid of the TOTAL CC as it has no perks and I learned on yesterday that they only give CLI’s of $ 100 per year.  CAN YOU FREAKIN’ BELEIVE THAT. 


Anywho, my thoughts are to transfer what little balance I have on this card and move to another card.  Being post BK should I just leave the card alone for a year and then do away with it?  Do I come out the garden and look for a card that I can transfer then balance to?  With my scores is it even possible?  All comments and suggestions are welcome.

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