Looking for a high SL, 0% intro BT card

Looking for a high SL, 0% intro BT cardLooking for a high SL, 0% intro BT card
Mjuterbof asked 3 years ago


I’ve been looking around at some cards that offer balance transfers that I think may have high starting limits based on some anecdotal research and some of the ones that seem good so far are the Citi Simplicity and Diamond Preferred and (maybe?) the Bank of America BankAmericard. I know there are several other balance transfer cards out there, but that’s where I have some questions.


What attracts me to the Citi cards besides the 21 months at 0% is that I’ve heard they can start with high credit limits. I currently do have a Citi Dividend 7.7k CL so already have a foot in the door with Citi. However, that’s one of my lower limits so I’m a little concerned they may not give me a high CL because of that. I’ve looked at requesting CLI’s on the Dividend and for a while now it always says it will pull a credit report so I’ve been avoiding the HP. Could the Citi still be a good bet anyway? (I almost applied for the Simplicity before writing this post but thought I should look for opinions first). Also is there any reason to go for the TYP over the other 2?


There are some cards that have balance transfer offers that I already have. For any of those can I request another of the same card? Will I likely be denied or start out with a low CL? Or if it is a card I have a high CL with could I also get a high CL on another one? Would the 0% BT offers still work with having two of the same? Some examples are Chase Freedom, Discover IT, Capital One Venture.


Some others I’ve heard of are the Chase Slate but I think I’ve heard they normally give low SL. If I have a high limit on my Freedom, is it possible I could get a high SL on a Slate? How would any of the US bank cards be? Or Barclay (think I’ve seen others get low limits here)?


Also, are there any other Chase cards that offer 0% BT such as the CSP? Disney? Amazon? I think the CSP and Disney would probably have high SL, but not sure about Amazon.


Thanks for any input!

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