Long term planning advice please

Long term planning advice pleaseLong term planning advice please
RichEventNN asked 4 years ago

So i am paying down my two Cap1 cards. I will combine when the larger one is 0. My Target is 0. My mortgage is down to 90% after 4yrs on time payments. Drive old 2008 Kia Rondo (love) paid off early. My long term goal is to get a home equity LOC to fix up my fixer upper. I have my spare change trf to my Acorn account for my new car slush fund in case by Kia takes a dump. My question is should I app for one more CC after my scores improve? I am also considering taking out an installment loan with my long term bank (PNC) or trying to get into DCU and take one of their short term loan products to up my score. I don’t want to screw things up just when they start to get better like last time. My utility should be around 80% on my 2 Cap1 cards end of October. Target CC at 0. Should have utility problem fixed early January. Hoping to app for LOC end of next year. Thanks for listening

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