Limit Increase?

Limit Increase?Limit Increase?
fashion asked 4 years ago

Currently, I am trying to work to get limit increases on my Cap one and Discover.  Cap One is very stingy.  When I try to get one I get the notice that my payments are not big enough.  In that sense, I am paying $ 100 twice a month becuase I want it paid off.  For Discover, my limit is $ 2,200.  What are some adequate ways to use the Discover card in order to get an increase?  They said they want to see how I do with the $ 500 limit they gave me  lol.  I am think of maybe be using it for gas or smoething like that which would be re-occuring.  I called Cap One to get an increase but you can only use the site or automated system to request an increase.  At least with Discover you can speak with the department that gives the increase on thier cards.

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