Lien deleted from experian!

Lien deleted from experian!Lien deleted from experian!
germuserfaysupp asked 5 years ago

On Thursday we received a notice in the mail of pending warrant vacate for a state tax lien on my husband’s credit report.  I figured what the heck, might as well try to dispute online with the CRAs and try to get this off.  I figured if I wasn’t successful, I’d just wait until the actual vacate arrived.  Well, I just recieved an e-mail that Experian deleted the lien!  :smileyhappy:  So happy, hopefully the others follow suit.  Just one question, though, when I checked his Experian report, the lien is still there and no score change.  Does it usually take a few days or longer for them to update?  Thanks so much.

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