Leave old charge off alone or try to get it deleted

Leave old charge off alone or try to get it deletedLeave old charge off alone or try to get it deleted
Ernestacoub asked 5 years ago

Following on another thread about this account (http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Rebuilding-Your-Credit/How-to-handle-old-Capital-One-account/td-p/3908153)  I was thinking about options and wanted to ask the collective wisdom before I do anything silly.


A quick recap:  OH has charged off Cap 1 account.   Credit limit $ 500, reporting as $ 2000 balance.   Never went to collections, just charged off.   

He does not have a lot of other credit and this is by far his oldest account.      It’s due to fall off Dec 2016


I had thought to write to the CEO to see about having it delete sooner, as they might show some mercy since it’s not entirely his fault the card went delinquent–he was in Army training and his sister not only didn’t pay his bills as she said she would, she even ran up the balance a bit.        But then I got to thinking that having it come off his report might be worse because it would make his length of credit history much much shorter.    Or is that a sily thought?


Cap1 also keeps bugging him to accept a pre-approved card and he is so set against them he won’t do it.     I think he should since it’s preapproved, so there shouldn’t be a ding from an inquiry.        We will need to apply for a mortgage in the next few months because of a job relocation and I want to do as much as I can as fast as I can to get his scores up over the hump.  


So, should I nag night and day for him to accept the pre-approved offer?

And should I leave the charge off alone since it’s his oldest account or petition the CEO to do a PFD or somesuch?



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BlueSkyTradingLLC replied 5 years ago

Hey Gizzy, been trying to reach you at the number you’ve left, but no luck.
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Alfred Jones replied 5 years ago

I have a 490 fico score…real low and I was wondering if you could do a
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laura fisher replied 5 years ago

is the trade lines a separate price or is it a package deal credit repair
with tradelines. my score is in the mid 500s so i know i need credit repair

Yes, it is separate …but I can do credit repair and inquiry removal at
the same time…if your scores at that low, you haven’t paid anything on
credit for the last 3+ years…a trade line can UPDATE on your credit
therefore giving you a boost in credit scores but just temporarily…if you
have nothing UPDATING on your credit then your credit goes stagnate
specially if you have negative info! You need to add 20 points worst case
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yeah well, it’s 10:30pm Eastern Standard Time and I don’t want to talk
about credit!! lol I’m going to be and I’ll talk to you tomorrow…next
time leave a message lol…

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