Late Payment Removal

Late Payment RemovalLate Payment Removal
alinagreiitame asked 5 years ago

I’m brand new to this forum so this is probably in the wrong place. 

Okay, well I have three 30 day, one 60 day, and one 90 day late payments all within a year on one of my Capital One accounts. My credit score was in the 750s before those late payments occured. Now it sits around a 550-600. I have flawless payment history on my other accounts. Though I was never charged a late fee, my minimum payments were just added up. I finally paid off the minimum payment of $ 125 after the 90 day late period and my account went back into normal standing. Everytime I apply for a credit card or loan the application gets denied and one of the reasons is serious delinquency. I have no derogatory marks nor collections on my credit. I’m determined to fix that so I recently read about goodwill letters and the power of calling the lender to ask for late payment removal. My case is that I am active duty military and during the times I had late payments I was in an intensive training program and wasn’t recieving statements and had extremely limited access to computers. I explained my case every time. I tried via chat to get my lates removed. I got a generic answer everytime. Recently last week I called and got a very nice woman who really tried to help me. First, she stated that she couldn’t do that because the system wouldn’t allow her because it was so far back. She offered to credit my account and reimburse late fees. When I told her about the training situation and that I wasn’t recieving statements until just a few weeks ago she put me on hold again to check with another agent that could help me.The thing is, my account was never charged late fees nor was it reported as delinquent, just having late payment history. I was finally excalated to her supervisor and she kept confirming that I was not recieving my statements. She listened to my plea and later told me that she will do everything in her power to get them off. She apparently wrote a dispute on my account on my behalf explaining my situation and told me she would send it to the Credit Bureau department at Capital One and they would look into it and I would recieve a letter within 10 days explaining the outcome. I kept trying to confirm if the payments were indeed going to be deleted and she seemed to say everything but “Yes”. She did sound very helpful and understanding and like she is determined to do that for me. Anyway, I’m approaching my 7 day mark from when that happened and still no letter and my credit score is still crappy. I really want someone elses opinion on what this sounds like. I’m trying to be very optimistic about this whole thing. Hoping that the payments will be changed. 

Also, just a hypothetical question. IF my payments are changed what would happen to my credit? Would it slowly go back up or would there be huge jump at once?

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