Late payment 180 days question

Late payment 180 days questionLate payment 180 days question
SamanthaInila asked 5 years ago

The account had no payments on it from 9/13 to 2/14. Shortly before it being sent to collections I grew up and started paying it down entirely until it was paid off(State farm credit card, first one). This September will mark the 2 yr anniversary of the first late payment, I’ve read several places that say 30/60 aren’t bothersome after 2 years, it that’s the case, starting in September, should I be expecting a solid rise in score? Will the 90+ also lose some kick after 2 years? Or will the fact that the same account ended up going 180 days late nullify that?
Account has long since been closed on me, hoping I have a built in weight that’s going to slowly be less affective over the next 8 months.

Appreciate any input and advice

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