Khols Charge Card Problem

Khols Charge Card ProblemKhols Charge Card Problem
divanTarma asked 4 years ago

Applied online for Khols Charge Card. Got approved for $ 300 line. Got account number emailed and able to make first purchase. I wait til the next day and make a purchase online utilizing 80% of credit. Order goes through. The following morning get an email saying order has been cancelled and call a 1-800 #. I call and they say they need me to walk into a store in person to verify myself with a Khols Employee before my account is unlocked **bleep**? I login online at Khols Charge website and see my info changed it shows some other assh*les name **bleep**?!? His address too!?! Who the hell and why is his info put as the cardholder? On the application I put MY info? Why has stupid Khols people changed my **bleep**? Already contacted Social Security Department and had them run my SSN for possible Identify Theft/Fraud…Agent told me all my info is fine and secure and had me answer all sorts of verifying info, did as told and assured me my SSN only report my info and my name. Amen!

Khols get your **bleep** together! Khols Fraud Dept wants me to walk into a Khols store and show I.D., utility bill, SSN to a Khols Employee are you kidding me? I checked my credit report and only my name and address show up no other cards just the ones I’ve opened so **bleep** man? 


Haven’t even received the card yet, now because these incompetent fools changed my cardholder info there’s a chance they’ll send my card to this assh*les address who I have no clue who he is and why my info is mixed up with his…fuk me

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