Justice Card Closure – Cap1

Justice Card Closure – Cap1Justice Card Closure – Cap1
richeventyar asked 5 years ago

My Justice card was moved to CapitalOne back in June or July, PIF before the statement cuts each month.  Logged in Sunday to see no available credit and a notice at the top of the page saying this account was closed.  


Called today, got transfered to the security department, and was told my account was closed becuase I have opened too many accounts in the last 24 months.  The agent couldn’t tell my why they just decided to close it after 2 statements had cut, and told me I would have to mail my payment in becuase I could no longer process anything through their website as he made sure it was fully disabled at the time of my call.  He acted like I was some degenerate individual becuase my account was closed, so I told him where he could put my account and hung up.  I called back and spoke with a CSR and paid the balance over the phone.  I have a Kohls account that was opened at the same time as the Justice card , which they’ve increased my CL on, and my other Cap1 cards are fine, which I’ve had for 6 years almost.  Makes me wonder if this is the Justice CC’s credit standards and not Capital One directly.  


Anyone else ran into a simular problem?

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