Judgement Collection?

Judgement Collection?Judgement Collection?
richeventvladimir asked 4 years ago

A few years ago I was sued. I wont the first court hearing but the other person appealed and I lost that so I have a judgement. I have yet to pay this and the judge did not order any specific way or time for me to pay. He just told the other person they could try and collect this small claims however they could. Surprisingly it has never showed up on my credit reports and I think it’s because the court (or anyone else) never had my social security number. 


Fast forward to now and the other person has hired a collection agency of some sort to try and collect this. They basically threaten they are going to wreck credit, and all the standard collection stuff. I told them not to call and that they could mail me stuff. So they mailed a thing that says I owe this debt and that I have 30 days to dispute, etc, etc, or they will report to credit reports. 


Couple quesions:


1. How can they report anything if they have no social secuirty number of mine? 


2. They can’t sue me because I already lost a lawsuit on this, correct?


3. My biggest concern right this second if that I have excellent credit and I don’t want them to destroy that but I also don’t have the ability to pay it right now. How should I proceed with this? I was thinking to send them a letter to not contact me for any reason (fdcpa allows this). Since they can’t really sue me for the same thing again then what can they do assuming they can’t wreck my credit somehow. 


Any other tips or advice? 

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