Jared/Kay Same account? CONFUSED

Jared/Kay Same account? CONFUSEDJared/Kay Same account? CONFUSED
ubattoc asked 4 years ago

I’ve lurked on here for years. Never had a reason to post but got good info on how to build credit. My husband applied for a Jared account last fall as we read time and again it was an easier card to get for building. He was approved for a $ 500 limit. He bought me some small things for Christmas that I wanted. I’m not a big jewelry wearer so this is a good card we won’t max out and use a lot. He’s currently utilizing less than half of the limit, I believe $ 212 is the balance at the moment which will be paid off next week when we get our tax refund.

Anyhow, I read quite a bit on here about people having a Jared account and a Kay account. I figured, his score hasn’t jumped up enough to get approved for many other cards and the shopping cart trick was great for some stores but most of the ones we are interested in the pop up didn’t come up and the ones we were slightly interested in he got approved for but have no balance because we really don’t shop there much anyhow. I figured, I really love the bracelets he got me from Jared so why not apply for a Kay card, sometimes they have different ones than Jared in stock so that would be beneficial. He applied this morning around 5 am. He got a message saying they weren’t open right now someone would get back to us within a business day. 3 hours later he gets an email saying there was a decision. He’s at work so I tried logging in with the credentials he wrote down and they wouldn’t work. Contacted Kay by chat since I’m sure the 800 number isn’t going to allow me to call about it. The lady gave me a hard time about it all and come to find out somehow the credentials didn’t take…which makes no sense. She finally told me after verifying information that he was approved for a $ 500 credit limit.YAY! Then she states that we can only use $ 287 because we have a balance… Huh? We just got approved, how can we have a balance? She then goes on to tell me that it’s a shared account between Jared and Kay. Ok…I get that but can’t you already use a Jared card at Kay and vice versa? So after a little arguing even though she words it differently it sounds as though my husband was approved…for a $ 0 card essentially because he already had an account with Jared for $ 500. What was the point in approving him for $ 500 at Kay yet having it be shared with Jared. At the very least they could have bumped up the credit limit to be $ 1,000 available to use between the two. He will now get a hard pull and for what?

I asked her about why they were not separate accounts. She said no one has separate accounts. I know people that have separate accounts as well as seeing people on here stating they have separate accounts. Can anyone weigh in on this? I’m aggravated now because the hard pull was pointless and I just don’t get how they would approve someone to use a card at a store they can already use it at. Nothing makes sense.

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