Is this normal for TU…?

Is this normal for TU…?Is this normal for TU…?
MangosteenMew asked 3 years ago

I had been wondering why my TU scores were significantly highter than the others. After viewing my updated reports, I finally figured out why. 


I have an overpayment (currently in dispute with the original company) 


On EQ and  EX its listed as an installment acount with late pays. However, on TU, it’s listed as a revolvling account with no late payments reported, but with status listed as collection. Its not showing under the “collections” section on any of the reports. 


I also noticed the my defaulted student loans are not reporting on TU. Here are my scores as of 4-4-2016


Fico 8          Fico 9       Bank Card
EX 600        EX 656     EX 607
TU 661        TU 724     TU 664
EQ 608        EQ 570     EQ 602


Im certaintly not complaining, but is this normal for TU? Is it safe to to say that once the final baddies are fixed or removed, that I can use TU somewhat as a gauge of what my other two scores will be when (or if) they are removed?



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