Is this disputable?

Is this disputable?Is this disputable?
ivusanaxo asked 5 years ago
First off I am new to myFICO and also new at trying to repair my credit. I have a credit card that is charged off and seen that some of the reporting was different between Equifax and transunion. I am wondering if this is disputable. I believe it is still in SOL. I believe the SOL in Oklahoma is 3 yrs. I currently have a judgement and from what I heard I cannot be sued when I have a judgement, so would it be ok to dispute if possible? And are there certain steps I need to follow. Thank you for all the help this stuff can be very confusing!
                                              Equifax                                                                 TransUnion
Last Reported :                       Dec 09, 2012                                                         Dec 09, 2012
Creditor Name:                        First Premier                                                         FST PREMIER
Account Type:                         Credit Card                                                           Credit Card
Account Status:                      Open                                                                    Closed – Derogratory
Opened Date:                         May 16, 2012                                                        May 16, 2012
Closed Date:                           —                                                                          Sep 20, 2012
Limit:                                      $ 700                                                                     $ 700                
Term:                                      —                                                                          —
Monthly Payment:                    —                                                                          $ 0
Responsibility:                        Individual Account.                                                  Individual
Balance:                                 $ 866                                                                      $ 866
Highest Balance:                     —                                                                          $ 867
Payment Status:                     Collection/Charge-Off                                              Collection/Charge-Off
Worst Payment Status:              —                                                                         Unknown
Date of Last Payment:                Aug 01, 2012                                                        Aug 19, 2012
Amount Past Due:                   $ 866                                                                      $ 866
Times 30/60/90 Days Late:       1/1/0                                                                     0/0/0
Remarks:                                charged off account                                                Charged off as bad debt
                                              Profit and loss write off

Police Credit Card Fraud Prank

sandinistas piricuacos replied 5 years ago

♥ Marie-Ève Larivière ♥

inkydoug replied 5 years ago

This happened to me in Mexico. It wasn’t funny.

Sintar07 replied 5 years ago

The girl in the glasses seemed to be taking it awfully well.

goo5976 replied 5 years ago

that cop can get the dick

SPACES AE replied 5 years ago

God i miss her.

whiskeybeerbeer replied 5 years ago

who is that actress cop. SHe is sooo cute!

4eva real replied 5 years ago

The people that r getting pranked r paid actors I seen a tv special where
they got exposed u liars u got caught

G0lfer4EVER replied 5 years ago

do what a policeman ask you , quebec’s worst enemy, gouvernemant

gateboy160 replied 5 years ago

no they dont

Ranma Saotome replied 5 years ago

eskt inta wain dash video englezy engl3 yalla

faktorC replied 5 years ago

cute police girl 😉

Fred Raymond Lindalen replied 5 years ago

love the asian woman

WWW.2KINDS.COM replied 5 years ago

youtube: Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist

Tugg Speedman replied 5 years ago


HZcyber replied 5 years ago

Malaysia too

goldwin818 replied 5 years ago

for what cause?

Kris Naungayan replied 5 years ago

I just watched one vid of JFL gags, but then i cant stop watching more vids
because of some pretty faces I can see in their pranks :3

Starcraft2142 replied 5 years ago

No such thing as impersonating an officer? lol

olaf2046 replied 5 years ago

That actress is NOT Eleanor Samson! You are so racist against white people!
LOL! That is like me confusing Jackie Chan with Jet Lee or Billy Dee
Williams with Carl Weathers or J.Lo with Penepole Cruz or Meryl Streep with
Beth Middler or Brad Pitt with the old guy in Prometheus! LOL you get the

olaf2046 replied 5 years ago

I was joking

Sohib Lagha replied 5 years ago

no this is not at quebec but in montreal

El7IncA replied 5 years ago

Ya but here is just a joke, over there is real Hahaha.

Jason Wu replied 5 years ago


Clare Dougherty replied 5 years ago

I was supposed to do homework tonight

gateboy160 replied 5 years ago

not me

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