Is this an app spree?

Is this an app spree?Is this an app spree?
RichEventNN asked 4 years ago

Hi All,

I’ve been reading about app sprees. It seems most apply for several cards all at the same time. I went a little slower.

Jan: Chase Freedom and a credit union card
Feb: NLF Extra and BOA Cash Rewards

I’m pretty sure Chase and ABNB Reported before Barclaycard and BOA was approved. Can’t exactly remember.
May: Chase Freedom Unlimited

In jan I had only ever had one credit card, which is now closed. So 5 cards in 5 months. My score has increased by 40 to 50 points on each fico 08 score. I seem to be doing fine, but I know lenders don’t necessarily like you getting a bunch of trade lines at one time. Would this still constitute an app spree? Does this look any less risky then applying all at once? CHASE sure seems okay with it. Auto cli me after see 3 new cards report and then approved me for an even higher limit with the newest card. I still worry a bit about Barclaycard, but too late now. I’ve had a BOA relationship for almost 10 years, so not as worried with them. Since my score has improved so much since Jan, would these lenders really care?

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