Is there a such thing as a decent lender???

Is there a such thing as a decent lender???Is there a such thing as a decent lender???
stiporpenliobang asked 5 years ago

I am so overly frustrated right now. I’ve been working with, to get a mortgage. The owner of my company suggested them to me and its been nothing but a NIGHTMARE!!!!! They have missed 5 closing dates. My original closing date was on 3/19. I dont think they even began working on my deal until 3/23! I put the notice into my apartments and since we are now 2 weeks past closing, the sellers want to pull out. THIS WEEK they said that I have a dispute on my credit. WHY ARE WE JUST LEARNING THIS THIS WEEK?!?!?! As of today, SUPPOSEDLY Experian and Equifax are clear but they are waiting on TransUnion. I dont know why in the world this wasnt discovered long ago. 


The seller put the house back on MLS as contingent. I have until tomorrow to have docs. AND my apartment has already been leased out and I dont have a back up plan and have to move by 4/30. I feel sink over all of this. 


Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with these people? I’ve called a billion times. They are terrible with communication. 



The Role of a Mortgage Underwriter

Lorana Brabster replied 5 years ago

you have no idea what an UW is responsible for and how stressful their
jobs are, learn what you need to know up front, get pre-qualified or

hulkhatepunybanner replied 5 years ago

This is a guy who works for the lender (bank). During the process of buying
a house the underwriter’s work is usually charged separately. It one of the
many fees the lender uses to nickel and dime home-buyers. Getting a return
on a loan is a long process. This is how the lender makes money upfront.

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