Is my rate ok?

Is my rate ok?Is my rate ok?
ilbon777 asked 4 years ago

Our LO locked us in yesterday at a 4.25.. FHA and my middle score is 652. She is paying 1000 of my closing fees, BECAUSE I am using one of the builders lenders, she also offered to pay $ 200 more, now it seems that because she is paying some of my closing fees, we are paying a higher rate? Help me out here..this is what I just got in an email from her 


I actually got y’all locked in yesterday and the lock is good for 60 days.  Rates have gone up a little since we first started working on everything in August but just  little.  The current rate is 4.25%.  We are paying $ 1000 of your closing costs and as we get closer to closing if nothing changes where we don’t have to extend your lock then I should also be able to pay another $ 200 for you at closing.  We also still have the float down program so if rates go down before closing I am able to drop your interest rate once we are within 20 days of closing.




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