Is it time to get CR pulled again?

Is it time to get CR pulled again?Is it time to get CR pulled again?
GeorgeFethy asked 4 years ago

Been trying for a home past 3 years, each time score was too low. Needed 620 middle score. Well recently we finally met that goal. However loan office said to many disputes, needed all those removed. We were deathly scared it was going to lessen score. Its now been 2 days since we called all 3B’s for husband’s and my accounts (took being on the phone for hours). We removed all disputed items plus removed old outdated personal info. By the way the dispute comments were left on there when I paid a credit repair company to help us. Knowing what I know now I could have done all they did, matter of fact I know exactly what they did (DV letters and such…).


Anyway yesterday equifax went down only 1 point and the rest are the same, leaving middle score at 620 still.


So what do you recommend? I wait longer to make sure disputes are off completely? Or is the 3B’s software sophisticated enough to have already removed the disputes? I’m just worried scores will be zooming downhill anything soon.


FYI, the disputes were on old debt, will come off early 2018.


On a side note if anybody recommends a local loan office that can work with us, I’d greatly appreciate! We are in Dallas TX. Husband is 100% disabled veteran (which was part of why the debt occured in the 1st place, he went to Iraq healthy and came back unable to help with simple tasks, I don’t dwell, we just want to move on already!). The loan officer we were trying to stay loyal to made a comment last time saying “Maybe you need to go elsewhere, blah, blah.” It really upset me because I was trying hard to be loyal since we had been with this loan officer for past 3 years trying to get a home and he turns around admitting we have been a nuisance to him this entire time.

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