Incorrect reporting after dispute

Incorrect reporting after disputeIncorrect reporting after dispute
richeventyar asked 5 years ago

I have a six year old negative account on my credit report due to an overpayment of the GI Bill when I was in the military. About a year and a half ago I disputed it since it was an older derogatory account and the VA verified the debt. No big deal…it’s going to stay on my credit report. (It shows up as a paid collection/charge off for about $ 300.) I only disputed it through Experian since I was using a credit monitoring service they provided. But since I disputed it, it now reports as the missed payment being when I disputed in instead of 6 years ago. Big difference! Equifax and TU still report correctly. Anyone ever had this happen? I don’t know how to fix it! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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