Income Verification For A Loan or Autoloan…

Income Verification For A Loan or Autoloan…Income Verification For A Loan or Autoloan…
Korot.Ira asked 4 years ago



So I was talking to a credit union loan officer on the phone and I told them this year I am getting money, in addition to my salary from work, for selling farmland I will include this on my application.  She then said…well how can we verify that?


I said…one of three ways….


1.  the canceled check,

2.  the money I deposit in my credit union account is the exact same amount of the check 

3.  a letter stating what I got the check for, a farmland sale.


She said…not sure that will work


I don’t see how this income is different from a real estate agent’s income..theirs varies from year to year…and obviously mine is too….


Do you think this loan officer did not know what she was talking about?

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