In Underwriting!

In Underwriting!In Underwriting!
ubattoc asked 4 years ago

I got the phone call last night saying our loan is now in underwriting!  I am so excited and nervous.  This has been quite the journey so far.


DW and I  started looking for homes and attempting to get pre approved.  When we first applied I had the lower of the scores at 603.  Now I have the higher of the scores at 714.  DW is not happy about that, but either way we are happy that we are here.


We put an offer on a house in our desired neighborhood a month ago and had an inspection.  It turned out to be a complete disaster,  It had foundation, structural, and mold problems.   We walked away from it.  Within days we found another house in our desired neighborhood and put an offer on it and it was accepted,  We had the inspection and everything came back great!


It has been a long journey, but this myfico has helped me out tremendously!  I couldn’t be happier!

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