In the process of rebuilding

In the process of rebuildingIn the process of rebuilding
Melvinmon asked 4 years ago

I’ve been reading threads on this site for some time. I’m actually in the process of trying to rebuild my credit, but in the process I think I may have hurt my credit by applying fro credit. Here is a little background.


I have 38,000 in student loans, they are current because I’m still in school, but I have some old lenders that are showing negative before they got consolidated.

I have 1 repo that is to fall off next year, but I also have a car loan that is being reported that I will be done paying on around the same time the repo falls off. (no late or missed payments)

I paid a collection off and disputed that it is paid in full.

I disputed 1 account is too old and should be deleted from EQ and it has been removed from EQ, but should I do this for TU and EX also?

I also have about 3 or 4 more items in collections. One I disputed that the balance is incorrect.


Now to why I think I started hurting myself:


I have a

Navy Federal cashRewards CC with a $ 1000 CL (at 90% utilization currently because of car repairs this week)

Just approved for WalMart charge card $ 400 CL

Just approved for Lane Bryant charge card $ 250 CL

Just approved Victoria Secrets charge card $ 250 CL

Just approved for Total Visa CC $ 300 CL (crappy card I know)

But I have applied for a ton more that will be sending reply by mail (more than likely denied)


Credit scores (FAKOs): EX

Credit Karma- 557 TU and 591 EQ


Should I start gardening now and pay down my NF CC?

Do I need to start the dispute with the other credit bureaus for the things I disputed with EQ?

And any advice anyone has is more than welcomed.


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