I’m getting closer to “POP UPs”, lol!!

I’m getting closer to “POP UPs”, lol!!I’m getting closer to “POP UPs”, lol!!
linaitame asked 5 years ago

So, I’ve been banned from Comenity pops ups I’ve decided since they got burned bad in my BK in 2013.  Since then I’ve tried every stinking SCT and have failed miserably no matter how I do it, lol!! I’m convinced Comenity blacklisted me from the SCT, and my punishment is to HP for each card I have with them, which I did lol!!! Anyway… Get an email just now from Comentiy Capital Bank for their Frontgate CC!! Not a preapproval, but an invite to apply. This is my first email in over 2 years for an invite for one of their cards. I think they are starting to come around. I feel a pop up in my future, LMAO!!! ??????????


Oh, I must add, I didn’t apply. I’m gardeningSmiley Happy



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